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"All that exists is the present. Everything else is a story." - SMJ

wolves at nighT

Hundreds of miles of Alaskan wilderness…Hungry timber wolves…An outlaw ex-lover…Deadly con men…And one young mother with a toddler.


Eleni, with her asthmatic two-year-old in tow, secretly ventures to a remote cabin in the Alaskan wilderness to reunite with the child's father, Ben. Ben has been on the run from the law for almost three years, and Eleni, who believes in his innocence, wants him to see his son for the first time.

What she doesn't know is the area is swarming with deadly timber wolves, the terrible criminals Ben wronged are looking for him, and the "love of her life” might just turn out to be the greatest predator of all.

Find out whether Eleni will win the fight to keep both herself and her child alive.

Sara McDermott Jain's 3D image.png

Coming for you soon...

bad dreams in quarantine

The 2020 pandemic wasn’t only a physical one - it was also one of fear. Filmed entirely in quarantine (and, in several cases, with a cast and crew of one), this film anthology presents four twisted tales of what can go wrong when you can’t leave the house.

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