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"mANy People demonize fear - but fear can be your most valuable asset. Not because it holds you back - because it tells you when to push through."  - SMJ

What does your life look like right now? Are you trying to break in to the horror/thriller industry? Are you trying to move past your own mental blocks into a life that’s more empowering? Or are you looking for content that not only entertains you, but gives you deeper insight into life? There’s truly nothing you can’t do or have…if you first face your monsters.


It’s time to experience something you’ve never had before. 


Sara McDermott Jain is an international bestselling novelist, produced screenwriter, and lauded instructor who is dedicated to moving you through your fears and into empowerment. If you’re a horror lover who wants simply to be entertained — you’ll find that in her books and films. If you’re a writer who wants to hone your craft, or if you want to go deeper into understanding the world of horror and its many life messages — turn to her courses and make her your instructor. And if you dare go further still into facing and obliterating your demons, so you can build a life you truly want to live — make her your mentor.

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