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Writing Courses & Services

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Book to Script Course

Have you written (or begun work on) a novel that you’re dying to see on the big screen? Then this is the course you need. Writing for viewers is a fundamentally different beast than writing for readers. You want your story to take advantage of the different medium to achieve the maximum impact. We’ll break down the fundamentals of an awesome script, learn how to craft characters, dialog, and conflict, and map out the key things writers need to know when adapting a work for film. (Includes boxnus sessions on adapting non-fiction work and adapting for the stage).

APeX Screenwriting membership

The APEX Screenwriting Membership is truly the only membership of its kind...a small, intimate group of writers-turned-friends that not only supports you on your screenwriting journey, but gives you all the tools you need to make it a success--including real-time introductions to managers, producers, and more on our live calls!


The membership includes two live calls per month, access to all replays and bonus materials, specialized lessons on a variety of topics,  introductions to industry players, feedback on how you're marketing your script, and the submission of your query to all visiting managers/producers. (One member has already made a deal through connections made in the group!)

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Private coaching

When you want personalized, 1:1 advice on your particular project, private coaching is the way to go! Get individualized feedback from Sara on your script or book, and develop plans for either getting your scripts into production or positioning your book to hit an Amazon bestseller list! Sessions are tailored to where you are in the process, and scheduling is flexible, to fit your lifestyle.


script coverage

Don't write in the dark! Get feedback on your script from an industry professional. Unlike most other coverage services, you won't only receive a detailed packet of notes, but also receive formatting and grammatical editing on your actual script, and a 30 minute, 1:1 zoom session with Sara to discuss your feedback and get you on track to make your sccript the best it can be!

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Want to hire a screenwriter?

Simply fill out the intake form and you will be matched with professional writers working in your genre and budget range. You can then make the choie about who to hire!

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